Secure Invoice Payment

Online Payments Methods we Accept


How to use the Payment Form

Payments made through this gateway are for paying for services already rendered by KMSS.

  1. Input invoice number on the top right corner of your invoice into the “invoice” field
  2. Input your company or client name listed on the invoice into the “Company/Client name” field
  3. In the “Email Address” field enter the email you would like the receipt of payment sent to
  4. Enter the amount you want to put towards the invoice or account (total amount, or portion) in the “Payment Amount” field
  5. Click “Pay”
  6. Confirm your entries, and click “Confirm,” you will then be directed to our secure payment gateway
  7. Enter your credit or bank information into the secure gateway when prompted

We require both the invoice number and company/client name to ensure payments are allocated to the correct account. All payments received will be cross-referenced to ensure the invoice number matches your account.

Receipt of Payment

Receipt of payment will be emailed to the email address entered above, immediately after completing the transaction.

Payment Made in Error

If a payment is made in error, please call 403-233-7750 or email, and we will reverse the transaction and refund you fully.

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