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Preparer Penalty Under Income Tax Act

Written by Ather Kandella, Levy Pilotte Preparer Penalty Subsection 163.2(4) of the Income Tax Act (ITA), the “preparer penalty,” provides for a penalty on a person who makes, or participates in, assents to, or acquiesces in the making of a

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Tax Implications of Employer-Provided Health Insurance

Written By Beth Porter, Noseworthy Chapman Attracting and retaining employees has never been more challenging, and a good benefits plan, including health insurance coverage, is often the most important element of an employee’s compensation.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to

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Budget 2023 and changes to the Alternate Minimum Tax

Written by Ashna Pahwa, Fruitman Kates LLP What is Alternate Minimum Tax (“AMT”)? The AMT is a separate tax system which is designed to ensure that wealthy individuals (including certain trusts) with high gross income that is taxed at preferential

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