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Tax Tips and Traps Newsletter – 1st Quarter, 2023

Topics in this issue include: Covid Benefits – Review/Audit Activity, Unreported Real Estate Dispositions and more.

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Tax Alert – Do you own a residential property in Canada?

The Underused Housing Tax Act was passed into law in June 2022.  On January 17, 2023, Canada Revenue Agency released detailed technical information related to the Underused Housing Tax (“UHT”).

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Are you Ready for a CRA Audit?

Many tax and accounting advisors feel that audit activity for both individuals and corporations is increasing. This activity ranges from the requesting of support for income and deductions declared on a tax return to full audits of the taxpayer’s return. It also includes audits of federal and provincial sales tax, COVID-19 benefits, and other matters.  Your KMSS advisor has extensive experience in assisting clients with responding to audit requests and managing the audit process.  If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having to respond to an audit request, our team is here to help.  To learn more, please see are article.

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