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Industry Knowledge

Over 35 Years Experience Working Across Industries in Alberta

Alberta’s economy is diverse and so are we! With many different financial and business backgrounds, our team has knowledge in a breadth of industries, sectors, and business types.

  • Agriculture

    Agriculture is an important part of Alberta’s economy. Farmers, ranchers, and dealers have many aspects of their operation to contend with at any given time. We understand the unique demands of the industry and the importance of each season. At KMSS, we work hard to provide valuable advice and compliance accounting for our agriculture clients so they can spend less time worrying about numbers and more time focusing on their equipment, crops, and livestock.

    Our Agriculture Accounting Experience:
    – Owner-managed farms
    – Owner-managed ranches
    – Agriculture equipment dealers

  • Charities

    KMSS has been proud to serve the Not-for-Profit sector for many years. Our in-depth accounting experience in the sector has given us an understanding of the specific needs of Not-for-Profit organizations.

    We understand that the financial challenges Not-for-Profits face are numerous but the impact and contribution they make to our economy and way of life are profound. We enjoy working with the boards and audit committees as these individuals are committed to creating a better world. Our Not-for-Profit accounting experience includes, but is not limited to, recreational programs, private schools, charitable organizations that support distressed or disadvantaged individuals, community programs and associations, private foundations, and professional organizations.

  • Construction & Contracting

    With its capital-intensive and growing economy, our province is home to some of Canada’s largest and most successful construction companies as well as hundreds of smaller firms. In this sector, accurate job-costing is as important to the health of the business as having the right tools and trades on hand.

    KMSS has assisted clients in designing cost tracking systems, monitoring gross profit margins, and dealing with the appropriate basis for revenue recognition. Whether it’s help with GST issues or advice for the right remuneration strategy, KMSS professionals have the required skill set to meet this sector’s needs.

  • Home Building

    Home builders are often working with a variety of jobs, suppliers, and subcontractors, and at times it can be hard to keep track of all the invoices and costs. We understand the challenges and importance of job-costing, and we have worked with clients to help streamline the process of tracking and tagging invoices from subcontractors and suppliers to the right job. Our experts can help your business with everything from improving the efficiency of your accounting processes, to compliance filings such as GST or T5018s.


  • Land & Real Estate Development

    Alberta’s rapidly growing population and periodic booms drive a dynamic land development and real estate sector. Calgary’s downtown skyline is among the nation’s most impressive and Alberta frequently leads the nation in housing starts.

    KMSS has worked with this sector since the very beginning and has developed an in-depth understanding of the challenges that companies are faced with on a day-to-day basis. Whether it is assisting with the financing of a new development, working out the details of a land development cost allocation process, or helping build a cash flow model, KMSS has the skills needed to support you in seeing your development through to its successful completion.

  • Health Care

    Whether you are a new health care professional or have been practicing for years, our accounting experts have you covered. At KMSS, our partners have experience working with many different health care professionals. We work with sole proprietorships, professional corporations, and full scale practices. We have experience with everything from filing compliance tax returns to income planning to specialty medical leases. We can take care of your business concerns and make sure the results of your business are well cared for so you can focus on what you do best.

  • Investments

    Accounting for your investments can be challenging. There are many different tax implications that can impact your portfolio returns. We aim to work closely with your investment advisor to achieve your goals.

    At KMSS, we want to ensure you do not get surprised with unexpected tax bills from your investments and we want to help you understand any questions you may have about them. Aspects of an investment portfolio like foreign exchange and foreign property can be very complex and our experts will ensure they are accounted for and reported on your tax return correctly.

  • Junior Mining

    Whether your junior mining company is in the infant stages of prospecting, or bringing a mine into production, KMSS has you covered. Our experts can help you with everything from tracking costs, to helping you get all the required financials ready for prospective investors.

    Services KMSS Provides To Junior Mining Companies:
    – Financial Statement Preparation for public or private companies
    – Capital Raising Plans
    – Tax Compliance
    – Creditor Proofing
    – Cost Tracking

  • Manufacturing

    KMSS has experience with a range of manufacturing clients within Alberta’s multi-billion dollar manufacturing sector, ranging from petro-chemicals to specialty electronics, and from fine furniture to fabricated modules, and everything in between.

    KMSS understands the accounting and tax matters that are critical to this industry. We have assisted our clients in adopting proper cost accounting methods, assessing the adequacy of overhead allocations, and devising appropriate transfer pricing methods between entities.

  • Oil & Gas Exploration & Production

    Energy production continues to be a fundamental part of Alberta’s economy and this sector consists of many privately held and publicly traded companies, ranging in size from small start-ups to very large multi-national companies. It’s a high-risk, volatile industry, creating constant need for greater efficiency.

    At KMSS, we have experience with the unique accounting and tax issues that this industry faces and we know how to advise our clients in this complicated and ever-changing sector. We have helped many clients progress through the corporate phases of growth, expansion, and sale.

  • Oil & Gas Service & Supply

    Alberta’s energy services sector is constantly developing new or improved technologies to make oil and natural gas well drilling and completions more successful and efficient.

    KMSS recognizes the huge contribution that this sector makes to the Alberta economy. Whether it’s working with our clients to help preserve cash flow during economic downturns or assisting with the sale or purchase of their business, our team of professionals are there to provide critical guidance.

  • Professional Services

    Alberta’s businesses are served by a dynamic professional service sector – law and accounting firms, engineering and other technical consultancies, design and communications agencies, and many other types of organizations.

    As a professional service firm ourselves, we understand the type of accounting and tax issues that your organization faces.

  • Retail

    Alberta has a dynamic and diverse retail sector. For any retail business, managing inventories, cash flows, and margins are crucial to success.

    With numerous clients in this industry, we understand how important it is to manage your business with strong and effective inventory controls and we’ll work with you to achieve this. We can also provide advice on market entry and expansion, and on how to achieve operational efficiencies. And of course we’ll shop there.

  • Technology & Software

    The technology and software industry is always moving at a fast pace and changes happen quickly. You need an accountant who can understand your business and stay current with the industry changes. At KMSS, our partners are dedicated to the industries they serve and work hard to stay up to date with all the latest applicable industry changes. It is our goal to make sure you are getting top quality service and advice, and our experts will work with you to fulfill all your business needs.

  • Tourism & Hospitality

    The Rocky Mountains are world-famous and Alberta’s tourism sector got its start right after the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Today, it’s a dynamic sector competing on the world stage and striving to remain competitive amidst economic uncertainty.

    Our strong presence in the Bow Valley has placed us in a unique position to serve tourism and hospitality businesses. We understand this industry and regularly advise our clients in the areas of cost management, room pricing, benchmark comparison, and the economic analysis necessary when considering expansion.

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