Our Work Culture

Our partners recognize that every individual that begins a career with KMSS does so because they intend to grow and achieve success with a really great company.

Our accounting practice is primarily focused on small and medium sized businesses in the Calgary and Bow Valley (Canmore/Banff) region – although we do have clients all over Canada, even up north! Our team members will get to closely interact with our clients, providing for a work environment that is more personal where each person can see the value his/her job creates.

The opportunities offered by KMSS are as diverse as the individuals we meet. We have opportunities for administrative assistants, bookkeepers, and information technology technicians as well as for CPA students, experienced CPAs, and tax professionals.

Culture is Everything

There are 8,760 hours in a year. On average, a person spends about 3,000 hours sleeping – so that means out of the remaining time you are wake, almost half of your year is spent working! With that in mind, doesn’t it make sense to work somewhere that you truly look forward to each day, with interesting and challenging work, amazing team members, and a culture that is really something to brag about?

At KMSS, we strive to create a work environment where team members love their jobs. We strive for our work environment to be more than just work. We realize that work is a large part of life and we want our people to enjoy it. Our brand new office location is located in the Beltline on the bustling and colorful intersection of 13th Ave and 1st St. We have designed our new office in a way that fosters a strong and positive work culture. Whether it’s our central kitchen/entertaining area (complete with restaurant style booths!), or the fact that our office sits on top of a major coffee chain and has access right outside our door to all that 1st St has to offer for restaurants and lounges… or maybe it’s the way we’ve arranged our team members in the office so silos aren’t a word that we know!

Our teams have been designed to provide maximum support to all individuals at all levels. Our partners and managers don’t just talk about having an open-door policy, they really do. Our mentoring and feedback processes, both informal and through regular job reviews, are designed to provide continual development so that we all can be proud of the work we do, continue to grow, and accomplish great things!

Don’t get us wrong – the work you will do may be challenging, complicated, time-sensitive, and just plain stressful some days! There’s no getting around that at times, working in a public accounting practice is all of these things, especially during “busy season”. But, fear not – to help everyone through those really busy times, we offer delicious snacks, team lunches, fitness challenges, wellness sessions, games (including the infamous KMSS Family Feud), and much more!

Our firm culture is further enhanced by the numerous exciting social club activities that are arranged each year. These include our annual Christmas party, a separate kids Christmas party, CFE results celebrations, scavenger hunts, curling events, hockey games (Oilers fans not welcome – just kidding!), and so much more!

The KMSS culture didn’t just happen. It was started many years ago by our founding partners and is truly a top-down approach that has been instilled in all of our team members over the past 35 years. Over 75% of our partners and managers began working for KMSS as new students! Our culture continues to exist because of our amazing team members – it is truly something to brag about!

The KMSS Career Advantages

  • Competitive compensation KMSS’ practices are based on a number of factors including the team member’s demonstrated performance, local market conditions, the practices of other mid-sized accounting firms, and levels recommended by compensation experts.
  • Comprehensive extended benefits package Health, dental, eyecare, life, disability, and more. Our benefits are some of the most competitive offered.
  • Parking/transportation  Firm provided parking (or public transportation); offered in our secured lots outside and underground.
  • Vacation Days Full-time team members are eligible for 3 weeks of paid vacation per year, increasing to 4 weeks upon promotion to manager or 5 years with the firm.
  • Paid Overtime  All overtime is recognized, we do not require team members to provide any “free” overtime.
  • Flexible Work Arrangements We work with individuals to mutually agree upon specific work arrangements.

Work-Life Balance

KMSS recognizes that our people are our most valuable asset. Therefore, we share in the responsibility of doing what we can to contribute towards the day-to-day health and wellness of our team. We work hard to provide opportunities to our team members that allow them to take time to enjoy their personal life. Vacation is always encouraged and we offer paid time for medical appointments.

We expect every KMSS team member to work hard – you have to be dedicated and you have to provide value to the firm and its clients. But we do offer our people the opportunity to achieve balance, such as by spending more time caring for their families or pursuing their passions and interests. KMSS’ partners, managers, and other team members have a broad range of personal interests and all of us love Alberta and the incredible opportunities it offers.

Flexible Work Hours

There is more to life than work! That is why we offer flexibility to all of our people. We offer flex time around core hours allowing our employees to create a schedule that works best for them. Outside of busy season, time off is very open and team members are permitted to take additional unpaid time off if they choose.

Flexible work arrangements are available – we offer them, and we mean it. These arrangements include four-day weeks, reduced summer hours, and flex hours. Your compensation will be proportionate to the amount of work performed. As a KMSS team member, you will have freedom of choice, but your choices will have a financial impact. You can work less, but the result will be that you are paid less.

On a day-to-day basis, our “core hours,” i.e. the time we require everyone to be at work, are 9 am to 3 pm. As long as they meet their client commitments and work requirements, team members are free to structure their day to suit their personal needs, by choosing to start earlier or work later. On a seasonal basis, our busier period is January through June and all of us work more hours during that period. From July through December, overall hours are lower.

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