KMSS has been proud to serve the Not-for-Profit sector for many years. Our in-depth accounting experience in the sector has given us an understanding of the specific needs of Not-for-Profit organizations, and we tailor our accounting work and advice to meet those needs. We understand that the financial challenges Not-for-Profits face are numerous, but the impact and contribution they make to our economy and way of life are profound.

We enjoy working with the small boards and audit committees, as the individuals in Not-for-Profit organizations are committed to creating a better world, and always bring a positive attitude to the table. We want to reciprocate the same positive attitude, and work to bring value and a high level of expertise to each of our Not-for-Profit clients.

Our Not-for-Profit Accounting Experience Includes:

  • Recreational facilities
  • Private schools
  • Employment services for the disadvantaged
  • Health care industry
  • Community programs
  • Community associations
  • Community foundations
  • Education and recreation programs
  • Professional organizations

Not-for-Profit Accounting Experts