What is the CRA My Account and how to Sign Up

As we move into a more digital world, we are getting more opportunity to access information online. We can now access a large amount of our tax information easily and conveniently online through The Canada Revenue Agency’s robust portal called My Account.

The CRA My Account is an online account that allows you to securely access your tax information. You can set up a My Account for your personal tax and/or an account for your business. Using My Account, you can access items such as your prior year tax returns, account balances, and mail from the CRA.

Why Register for My Account

Registering for My Account will allow you to have access to your tax information anytime and anywhere. It is easy, convenient, and secure. It gives you the ability to access important tax information without hassle. No more phone calls or digging through your file cabinet to find important documents. From checking your last assessment to accessing your prior year T4 for a bank meeting, My Account can be a very useful tool for all Canadians. 

Personal Uses for My Account

There are many uses for your CRA My Account, and the CRA has been growing the amount information available to you through your CRA My Account. Some of the existing personal uses allow you to:

  • Check balances such as instalment balances or amounts owing
  • View prior year tax returns
  • View tax information slips such as T4’s (statement of employment income) and T5’s (statement of investment income)
  • View your mail from the CRA
  • View your RRSP deduction limit or TFSA contribution room
  • Update your address or phone numbers
  • Update personal information such as marital status or children
  • Apply for child benefits
  • Arrange/change direct deposit information
  • Upload and submit documents related to an open CRA case
  • File a formal dispute or notice of objection
  • Request a remittance voucher

Business Uses for My Account

Having access My Account for your business will give you access to a variety of different information. The information available to you will depend on how your business is set up with the CRA. Currently some of the tools available allow you to:

  • View payroll remittance balance and transactions
  • View payroll remitting requirements
  • View your T4 return status
  • Check your T5 return status
  • View corporate T2 return status
  • Check account balance and activities
  • Calculate corporate instalment payments
  • Read your business mail and notifications from the CRA
  • Submit audit enquiries
  • View corporate balances
    • Refundable Dividend Tax on Hand Balance (RDTOH)
    • General Rate Income Pool Balance (GRIP)
    • Non-Capital Loss Carryforward Balance
    • Capital gains and losses amounts

How to Register

To register, go to http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/esrvc-srvce/tx/ndvdls/myccnt/menu-eng.html and click the “CRA Register” button.

CRA register button

You will need the following information for the initial signup:

  • Social Insurance Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Current Postal Code
  • Your last two tax returns
  • *For a business account you will also require your business number

After you signup, you will require a security code. This code will be mailed to you. Once received, enter it into your My Account and you will be fully registered.

Read the CRA’s full instructions here: http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/esrvc-srvce/tx/psssrvcs/pss_fq/cnd-eng.html#hlp1a



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