The culture at KMSS is second to none, and in a recent employee engagement survey, our team described our culture as collaborative, positive, and supportive. For these reasons, I look forward to continuing to work as the Human Resources Manager amongst such a professional group of individuals.

After joining KMSS as a Human Resources Advisor in 2008, Carol completed her Human Resources Management Certificate from the University of Calgary in 2009 and went on to earn her CPHR professional designation in 2010.  Carol was promoted to the Manager of Human Resources with KMSS in 2011.

As the Human Resources Manager, Carol is involved in planning, advising, coordinating, and directing the human resources functions of the firm.  Carol is responsible for overseeing and making recommendations regarding recruiting, employee engagement and retention, performance management, and compensation.  Carol consults with firm’s Executive Committee on strategic planning and serves as a link between the Partners of the firm and its team members.

Carol is passionate about being active and enjoys working out as well as outdoor activities such as tennis, kayaking, and hiking with her cockapoo, Abbi.

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