KMSS Portal

The KMSS portal is a secure file sharing site that allows you to upload and view files. To use the portal, you need to have access to your account. If you are a new user, you can gain access to your account by sending an email to Once you have access to your account, you can get to the portal using the button below, or by going to In the portal, you will have access to folders setup for you and your business. In these folders you can upload the information applicable to your file. Our team can also upload files into your folders, so you have a safe and secure place to view your sensitive documents.

Portal Login

Direct File Upload

Need to send us a file securely? Use the secure upload button, and follow the instructions to directly send us a file securely. All files are sent directly to us, and are scanned for viruses. Our secure upload uses the same safe technology as our portal.
Do you have a portal login? If yes, use the file upload through your portal account, to keep documents together with the rest of your files.

Secure Upload