Do you have locations or operations in other provinces? Are you thinking of expanding to the United States or an international market such as Australia or the U.K.? Are you unsure of the tax regime in a potential new market, and need tax advice before setting up shop?

KMSS is an independent member of DFK International, an association of independent accounting firms and business advisors.  With 435 offices in 93 countries, DFK International provides our clients with access to experienced, expert and personalized accounting and financial services throughout the world.

This relationship can benefit any local organization that may wish to do business outside its home market. KMSS’s clients gain direct access to the resources and expertise of every member firm. They’re able to avoid dealing with an impersonal and potentially very expensive multi-national firm. Instead they retain the personalized and trustworthy service they’ve come to expect from KMSS.

DFK’s member firms are similar in size, outlook and pricing to KMSS, typically specializing in serving entrepreneurial businesses. Each member passed a rigorous due-diligence/quality control process before being admitted. Member firms think like we do:  dedication to personalized and timely service, enthusiasm for fully understanding their clients’ objectives, and high professional and ethical standards. KMSS’s prominent role in DFK – KMSS partners have served as president of DFK International and DFK Canada – gives KMSS excellent access to the DFK network’s top partners and best expertise.

When you venture abroad, you’re not on our own – because KMSS’s ability to help extends across countries and over oceans.  Opening a new operation in another market is complicated enough. With KMSS and DFK, your worldwide accounting and tax planning needs can be taken care of even before your new location is operational. KMSS’s DFK connection can help expand your world of opportunity.

We invite you to learn more about DFK International at and DFK Canada at


Our Canadian DFK Affiliates

Dallaire Forest Kirouac Comptables professionnels agréés, S.E.N.C.R.L.
Quebec City, QC

Davis Martindale LLP
Toronto & London, ON

Ginsberg Gluzman Fage & Levitz, LLP
Ottawa, ON

Kingston Ross Pasnak LLP
Edmonton, AB

Levy Pilotte LLP
Montreal, QC

MRSB Chartered Accountants
Charlottetown, PE

Noseworthy Chapman Chartered Accountants
St. John’s, NL

Taylor Leibow LLP
Hamilton & Burlington, ON

Teed Saunders Doyle & Co.
Fredericton & Saint John, NB

Williams & Partners
Vancouver, BC & Markham, ON