We’re a full-service independent accounting firm providing accounting, audit, bookkeeping, tax, and business consulting services. We have decades of experience and deep expertise in our chosen fields. We’re locally based, and we’re owned and operated by local people. We focus on owner-managed businesses and other entrepreneurial organizations.At KMSS we strive to provide an extraordinary experience. This stems from our passion to serve our clients. We are driven by the desire to help our clients – in building their businesses and in optimizing their corporate and personal tax affairs. We begin by understanding our clients’ needs, then we work to fulfill them. Our business model of providing full services with a local focus is built around that drive – which is present in each of our four service lines.

As a partner-owned firm, high-quality service is always top of mind. We have built up a team of individuals with strong character and high ethics – and we believe this is reflected in our service. We always ask ourselves, what is the right thing to do, and what is in our client’s best interests? Regardless of the client’s size, the nature of their organization or the economic sector in which they are competing, we have the tools to help grow their business.

Our partners’ client focus – and that of all our team members – complements their long experience, technical qualifications, deep expertise and hard-working attitude. Internally, we have created an organization of mutual trust, respect and strength, thanks to having people with common values. In building our firm, we seek out new people who already show an inclination to provide service to others – and then we build on it through our culture.

Our approach fosters excellence and creativity, and promotes a devotion to quality. We believe that creates the foundation for an ethical organization, and is reflected in the job we do. This approach is strengthened by our emphasis on serving entrepreneurial and typically owner-managed businesses – whether publicly traded, privately held, professional corporations or not-for-profit organizations.

Operating a business these days is not easy. You may not have an in-house staff of people to deal with separate tax, financial and business issues. That is where we come in. If you are looking for an accounting and tax advisory firm that emphasizes character and ethics, as well as strong relationships developed over many years of doing business, we believe KMSS is the right fit for you.

We think you’ll appreciate the work that we do. We know we’ll get excited about your business. We believe this approach will help deliver an extraordinary client experience.

History of our Firm

KMSS was founded in 1986 by four partners – Bruce Kenway, Ray Mack, Barry Slusarchuk and Cal Stewart. They were already a seasoned group. All had worked together previously, and their accounting experience went back as far as the early 1970s. KMSS was located in Calgary, Alberta – where it remains today.

The founding partners set out to create “more than just your typical accounting firm.” From the beginning, the firm’s service offering included not only general accounting but tax expertise and business advisory services, because the founding partners understood that their clients would require a wide range of services.

KMSS’s business model of operating as a small, very hands-on firm proved successful in the Calgary economy, and it soon began to grow and add partners. The partners made the strategic decision to remain locally-focused and to develop all the in-house expertise necessary to serve owner-managed businesses, while pursuing a diversified client base built on strong relationships. This business model served the firm and its clients very well – today KMSS still has clients who were with the firm at its inception.

Over the decades, KMSS encountered the same economic opportunities and pressures as Alberta’s resource- and export-driven economy. The firm was able to achieve good, steady, manageable growth.

By the turn of the millennium, KMSS had eight partners and approximately 50 team members. That year, KMSS made its largest acquisition, of a Banff-based CA firm that was serving the Bow Valley. In 2010, KMSS relocated the Banff office to Canmore.

Today, KMSS has 14 partners and over 80 team members servicing people and businesses in Calgary and the Bow Valley corridor.