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New Leadership, Same Quality Service at Kenway Mack Slusarchuk Stewart LLP

Written by Rennay Craats | Business in Calgary | November 2018

For more than 30 years, Kenway Mack Slusarchuk Stewart LLP (KMSS) has offered something different to its Calgary and Bow Valley entrepreneurial business owners.

KMSS meets the wideranging needs of its diverse client base with everything from general accounting and bookkeeping to complex tax solutions and business advisory; from succession planning and corporate reorganizations to purchase/sale assistance and compliance services. Since 1986, KMSS has grown to include 15 partners and 60 team members making it one of the largest mid-market independent CPA firms in the province.

For each of its 33 years, KMSS has adapted to changes and developments in the industry in order to provide the best service to clients. And now it is embracing the latest change – one of firm leadership. Bryce Eidsness, who has been managing partner for the past 18 years, announced his retirement earlier this year and has been working to ensure the transition is a smooth one ever since. KMSS is a tight-knit group of professionals and the best option for them was to fill the vacancy with an existing partner who has an impeccable skill set, leadership experience and the detail-oriented mindset that allows for an efficient high-performing firm.

Scott Timson was the obvious choice to fill Eidsness’ shoes. Timson has been with KMSS for 20 years, been a partner for 15 years and has sat on the executive committee for 10 years so he has a great understanding of the firm, how it works and how it can continue to prosper. Eidsness couldn’t ask for a better person to take his seat.

“I want the firm to be well equipped to continue after I leave. I’m 100 per cent confident that will happen with Scott as leader of the firm,” Bryce Eidsness says. Timson is a smart, organized professional who straddles the line between traditional accounting practices and the new strategies fuelled by technology. The wellrespected senior partner is poised to carry KMSS into its fourth decade in business as the industry around them evolves and changes. The firm’s robust tax department is growing thanks to its recent addition of tax partner Rob Finnigan, further positioning KMSS to have the best team to navigate the ever-changing tax landscape for its entrepreneurial clients. Timson brings a new level of efficiency and structure to the position and he keeps his finger on the pulse of what is happening to ensure KMSS remains on the cutting edge. “There is a technology element that is hitting our profession that we have to be on top of so I think having Scott in the leadership role will allow the firm to be better positioned given his interest in technology,” says Eidsness. “I think the firm is ready for Scott and his leadership style.”

The outgoing and incoming managing partners may have different styles but the core values and ethics they apply to running a successful business are the same. They both value corporate culture, mutual respect among team members, fostering a strong work ethic and encouraging professional development through training, all the while going above and beyond to ensure clients’ needs are satisfied. KMSS understands the issues faced by its entrepreneurial clients because the firm is an entrepreneurial business itself. And as it moves forward, the firm will continue to be driven by relationships in order to meet its clients’ changing needs.

“I’d like to think it is going to be a seamless transition and as much as our approaches are different, the underlying principles of what’s important to the partnership are the same,” says Scott Timson. “First and foremost, it’s providing a high level of service to our entrepreneurial clients. And it’s remaining independent, especially with all that’s happening today.” With so many mid-market CPA firms moving toward greater consolidation, KMSS is proudly independent and intends to remain that way. Timson is also dedicated to building on what is already working well, expanding into new areas as the industry and clients dictate, and providing support and counsel to meet the changing needs of today’s clients.

Having roots as a client service partner, Timson truly understands the importance of quality service. Quality service starts with a good team and in his new position, Timson will continue to recruit high-calibre team members who fit with the corporate culture of quality service.

KMSS is proud of its history and is excited about its future as a local firm providing world-class results. Timson and his team pride themselves on providing compliance and advisory services in an increasingly complicated business environment. Whether it involves the firm’s core services of tax, accounting and assurance or specialty services such as acquisition advice or succession planning, clients know that KMSS is there for them every step of the way.


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