Leave the dark ages: 4 Reasons why you need to store your files electronically


Tired of your clunky file cabinet taking up space? We are. In this new blog series we will explore ways you can file your records electronically.

Over the past number of years, our firm has taken many steps towards becoming paperless, and we want to share tips that can help you become paperless. Be rid of the space hogging file cabinet, and leverage the technologies you are already using to make your life easier.

Is Storing My Files Electronically a Viable Option?

Yes. With advancements in technology, storing your records digitally has never been easier. For it to be a viable option, you first need to find the right tools for storing your records. Using the wrong tools to store your records can leave you frustrated and wishing you never sold that old dusty file cabinet on Kijiji. This series will explore the different tools and methods you can use to ensure your information stays safe, secure, and accessible.
Why Store my Files Electronically?

Storing your accounting records digitally offers many advantages. As KMSS has moved to a digital file system, we have reaped many benefits of a digital system.

Accessible and Findable.

When you properly file your electronic documents, they are often easier to access, and easier to find. Computers and document management programs have strong search functions, and it can make finding a document that is years old quick and easy to find.

Transfer of Documents

Are you sick of couriering or mailing boxes and boxes of documents? When you store your records electronically, sending them to your accountant is simple as uploading them to a secure portal, or emailing them. This saves you time and money.
It can often save your accountant time too, which results in less time billed to you. By having electronic documents, you can respond to your accountant quickly, and give her the documents when she needs it. This cuts down on time spent going to and from your file. When we constantly have to pick up and put down files, time is added as it is only human to have to take a few moments to figure out where you left off.

Environmentally Friendly

Probably the most obvious benefit of storing files electronically is that it is more environmentally friendly than storing hundreds or thousands of paper documents. Enough said.

Multiple Versions

When you store your files digitally, it is easy to make multiple copies. There are many programs out there that can make short work of copying and backing up all your files. It would take a huge amount time to duplicate a physical file archive.


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