2016 KMSS Movember MoBros

Another Successful Movember Campaign in the Books

It has been another great Movember, and it is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to all the moustaches. Today is the beginning of a new month and the official end of another successful Movember campaign. As we move into December, we say goodbye to some fine moustaches and good riddance to some not so fine moustaches.

The KMSS Team Raised $1,783

The look of our team’s moustaches is not what matters, though, as Movember is a month of awareness and charity. Five of the firm’s team members raised money during this year’s campaign, bringing in a total $1,782 for men’s health. Leif Engen led the way on the KMSS team in his inaugural Movember campaign raising a total of $530. Leading the way with the highest number of donors, the fourth year Mobro Riccardo Palladini ensured to connect with co-workers and friends to raise awareness. Pairing a profile photo of the legendary Burt Reynolds with his own finely groomed stache, he was able to bring in a total of $325 for men’s health. Another inaugural Mobro Jeff Madsen, may have started his campaign a few years too early as he donned the “is it even there?” moustache while raising a total of $383 for the charity. Not only did the KMSS team take part in Movember, but many of the KMSS’s affiliates nationally and internationally took part in the campaign.

DFK Movember Participation

DFK Canada in total raised $28,179 for Movember, and DFK International including Canada’s contributions raised a total of $34,425. Edmonton’s firm KRP led the DFK network raising a total of $9,281. Davis Martindale of London and Toronto was not far behind KRP raising $9,060. Davis Martindale’s team captain Paul Panabaker spearheaded the entire DFK campaign as men’s health hits close to home for Paul. Paul’s main motivation is to “Promote men’s health awareness in memory of his father Bob Panabaker who died 2 weeks after his 60th birthday of prostate cancer.” With the help of Paul’s efforts, November finished with another successful Movember campaign in the books.

We would like to thank all of our team for participating and helping raise money and awareness. Until next year, we say our last goodbye to the moustaches that were. You can check out our team’s donation page at moteam.co/kmss.



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